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get to know me meme: (2/12) favorite female biases » ryu sera

"When I was younger, I went to Canada as a foreign student. I didn’t have my parents with me, nor did I know anyone there, so I went all alone to study in Canada. The reason for that was, when I was little, I saw Britney Spears and I thought she was really cool. I wanted to become someone like her. I thought I could do it. That was why I went abroad. But something happened to the person looking after to me and there were problems as well. Suddenly, I was a lone child. I didn’t know anyone and had nowhere to go. I was left all alone. I thought it would be the end of me, it was a situation when I had no one. I was 14 back then… I felt that it would be nice to have someone who could hug and comfort me when I cried, but there was no one, so I just went to a park, hugged a tree and cried for about 3 hours."

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I trust these girls with my life.


in which jiyeon’s 100% done with hyeri

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